Thursday, November 19, 2015

Calling All Agents

Due to the high demand of unsolved mysteries around our home we now 
have people to uncover the truth.

Agent Sam

Agent Evie

Monday, November 10, 2014

November 7th, 2014

7:14 - Good Morning. Kids slept in a little bit, yay.

7:48 - Helping with laundry so we can get dressed.

7:54 - Dressed and distracted so mom can shower (Note: I did not pick out her outfit).

8:45 - Three people's hair done (Note: this is three times more than usual),

8:57 - Washing pen off of Merida's face.

10:01 - Flu shots at Daddy's work, sun in eyes, waffles truck for lunch.

12:56 - Walking to class.  Kids at babysitters. Sometimes I can smell people in the tunnel as I walk through.

3:54 - Back home, she loves creating art.

3:55 - Sam playing (he is actually smiling because I told him to, he just didn't look at the camera too).

8:57 - Meet Cutie the giraffe.

8:58 - Tucked in and asleep. They are still so cute.

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Infallible Logic of My Daughter

While riding in the car the other day my daughter was regaling us with her thoughts and while listening to them I misunderstood what she said.
Me: Did you just ask me to butter your crown?
Daughter: No Forehead!
Me: You want me to butter your forehead?!
Daughter: No. Sigh. My forehead is beautiful.

When we sat down to eat dinner we told my daughter that Lasagna was Daddy's favorite food. She said: Yeah, girls cannot eat Lasagna because it is yucky.

When getting ready for bed I said to my daughter that it was time to put on some pajamas. She looked at me and said that she cannot wear pajamas. To which I replied, Why can't you wear pajamas? She then gave me a stern look and said: "I cannot wear Pah's jamas I need to wear Evie's jamas".

Evie will periodically complain about wounds that do not actually exist. While watching Tangled Evie suddenly discovered a new way to heal an imaginary wound.  She took her finger and tried valiantly to get her finger wrapped in her hair. She couldn't get her hair sufficiently wrapped around her finger, so with my help we got her finger wrapped in her hair.  We sang the flower song a couple times and she got frustrated that the wound did not heal. I tried to explain that her hair didn't contain magical properties since it was normal hair.  Undeterred she runs off and came back wearing the Rapunzel hair wig with her finger wrapped in its yarn ready to be healed. Unfortunately this hair did not work either but it did make me smile.

In other news the compacter has discovered better ways to put away food.

Two spoons are better than one!

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Some might say overprotective, I say well prepared. 

Cause I'm Batman

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Flight and the Fry Thief

There is a story that makes the rounds at the family dinner table about a little boy who liked to jump off the couch and fall to the ground. This story is completely unrelated to the following video and should by no means be blamed for the behavior that is seen. All I can really say is that I have no idea where she gets these ideas.

We were at a restaurant about a month ago and I observed some very peculiar behavior from my son. His sister was too busy playing in the play area to concern herself with eating and that suited my son just fine. He  realized that his sister's food was sitting right next to him and it was untouched. He then hatched a scheme and I could almost see the wheels in his head turning. He looked at me and smiled then the started grabbing french fries one by one and shoved them into his fry holder one by one. He then picked up the fries that magically appeared in his fry holder and promptly ate it. He repeated this action over and over until we left the restaurant. At least someone ate the food that we bought. Once again I cannot imagine where they learn this behavior.

A Disney Vacation 2013

We went on vacation in April (blog slacker   I know).
 The first couple days are shown in the previous blog.
Then we went to Disney land.

The newly one year old napped nicely in his stroller.  

The two ride lovers.  

Despite the look, I think Sam enjoyed the rides he got to go on. 

Did I mention Evie likes rides? 

Aunt Heather who spent most of the time watching the kids so we could go on rides.  Thanks for coming and making it a blast. 

Of course we had to meet the princesses for our princess.  Her favorite is Aurora (yes we have better pictures of the princesses, but I can't currently find them). 

We also went to Legoland.


R2D2 is way more interesting than Mommy with a camera. 

The boys. 

Evie's house. 

Oh yeah, Evie loves rides.